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The great great Gatsby | Providence Prowl

The great great Gatsby

by Declan Tidd

Scott Fitgerald’s award winning novel, “The Great Gatsby” has finally been created into Hollywood Motion picture, nearly a century after its initial release date in 1925. The film was directed by BazLurhmann and includes stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Joel Edgerton.

For those who were not forced to read the book in English III, Fitzgerald’s book depicts a poor stock broker, Nick Caraway, who goes to live on a small island near New York City in the middle of the Roaring 20’s. There, he meets his new and rich neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby lives where he does because he is in love with a married woman named Daisy who lives on the neighboring “old money” island. Daisy was once a lover of Gatsby’s and is a relative of Nicks.

Overall, the new film is wonderful. Jay Gatsby is played by DiCaprio, who again is able to capture the hearts of his audiences and connect with his viewers through the screen. DiCaprio captures Gatsby’s innocent, somewhat naive personality perfectly and I was truly able to feel his longing, unreachable love for Daisy. Daisy’s husband and the villain of the tale, Tom, is actually one of my favorite characters because it is so easy to despise him. Everything about to movie just makes you want to scream “that’s not fair!” and Tom just soaks up the hatred. Edgerton does a great job of playing a villain with no redeeming qualities and it was very fun throughout the film to hate his character.

The Great Gatsby lasted for well over 2 hours and some critics have said it was overwhelming. However, I disagree and say while it certainly was a lot to take in, so were the 1920’s. Think about it, this decade wasn’t called “roaring” without reason; there was a lot going on. Gatsby’s party scenes went on for a long time and seemed to be overdone, with incredibly large swimming pools and fancy musicians playing swing music, but it really took that extra emphasis on the wild, out of control factor for the viewer to appreciate the scenery.

While it is tough to comment on the story line because it wasn’t Lurhmann’s original work, it is important to note that the film stayed nearly perfectly in line with the book. This is rare with movies today- just look at what happened to the story of “Frankenstein”. Even the small, seemingly unimportant scenes were played out in full. Gatsby gets pulled over for speeding towards the beginning of the story and there is no real consequences of this happening through the rest of the novel, but it plays out the exact same in the movie.

I have no negative comments besides a few dry moments in-between scenes, and maybe that the villain Tom looks just like Hitler. Once again, Gatsby was wonderful. I saw it just a day after its opening, and I still wish I had seen it sooner. The acting and environment created in this new film is near perfect.


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One Response to “The great great Gatsby”

  1. Luhrmann films are always unique.
    There have actually been six versions of The Great Gatsby filmed.
    1926-The Great Gatsby-Director: Herbert Brenon – Silent movie
    1949-The Great Gatsby-Director: Elliott Nugent
    1974 -The Great Gatsby-Director: Jack Clayton-Screenplay by: Francis Ford Coppola
    2000-The Great Gatsby-Director: Robert Markowitz
    2002– G -Director: Christopher Scott Cherot – Modernized
    2013-The Great Gatsby-Director: Baz Luhrmann